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Revision Policy

CompuVision (Taskify)

Taskify strives to be your partner in all those big and small Tasks on your to-do list. To ensure we can provide the best services and make your life easier, we give you 3 revision rounds for nearly all projects (a few exceptions to this but more on that in a minute!).

Why 3? Well there are many schools of thought about why 3 is such a powerful number and in the ancient belief system of Numerology … Ok, just kidding – 3 revision rounds is just a good, solid number that happens to be the right amount to give you and us plenty of time to get things perfect while remaining efficient and on schedule!

On this page, you will find out how to get the most out of your revisions, timelines for revisions and other revision factoids. But, while we think our policy writing is a riveting read, we understand people are busy so we’re kicking this off with a handy TL;DR before getting down to the specifics:

Our Revision Policy

  1. You get three opportunities for revisions after the initial draft
  2. You get 5 business days to request changes between revisions
  3. The due date is when you can expect your first completed draft
  4. The more info we get and more specific the requests, the better the final product will be!
  5. We are happy to provide even more revisions if you are happy to provide more cold, hard cash! (“Money, That’s What I Want” plays in distance, Taskify team breaks into interpretive dance)

Approving Revisions

At Taskify, we only like good surprises and this is why we make sure each revision step is approved by the client (that’s you!) before we proceed. After each of the 3 revisions, you will be asked if that revision has been approved. After the 3rd revision has been approved, we consider the project completed.

If, after the 3rd revision, it is still not to your satisfaction, please let us know and we will see what we can do!

How Long Do I have to Approve Revisions?

We ask that you submit revision requests within 5 business days, of being sent work. If we do not hear from you within that time, we will assume you were so overjoyed with the results of our work that we left you speechless. Or … that you forgot. Or… because Cheryl from accounting still isn’t back from vacation and Elroy, the temp who heats up fish in the break room like a monster, didn’t forward her the first draft. Either way, we will now mark the task as complete and go get tacos.

If you know that you will not be able to give us requests within that time frame, please let us know and we will work with you!

Exceptions to the 3 Revision Policy

Writing Tasks: With writing, we ask that clients get all major revisions done in the first round of edits. Any major revisions (such as adding new paragraphs, ideas or themes) beyond this round will be on a case by case basis.

Creative/Graphic Projects: Certain revisions, such as minor changes to placement of elements in a design, can still be requested after the 3rd revision without additional charge. We will always work to ensure you are happy with the final look, but some larger changes requested after the 3rd revision may not be possible or will require additional charges.

Taskify Error: Taskify freelancers and Project Managers make quality control a top priority, but if something slips by us on the 3rd round of edits, we will gladly correct the issue in a 4th round without additional charge.

Voiceovers and Video Editing: Because of the time and resources needed for recording, we try to limit voice and video work to 1 revision/ re-recording. However, if there is still an issue after a re-recording, let us know and we can often work with you!

Creative Variations

Having us create a Word template for you? Or redesigning an old logo? Projects like these are often not just about revisions but seeing variations on a theme. For nearly all creative projects, we offer a 2-variation policy.

This can include showing you different placement of elements, different color options, etc. Variations are not two completely different projects – for example two logos in completely different illustration styles. We are happy to provide two options like this, but it will need to be requested at the beginning of the Task before the price quote is finalized.

Additional Revisions

We believe in continuing work on a project until you get the result you want but most requests after 3-revisions will require additional charges. Costs for additional revisions will be determined on a project by project basis. Note: We will always ask you for approval of charges before completing additional work.

Deadlines and Revisions

Unless otherwise requested by the client (that’s you again!), the due date entered is when Taskify will produce the first completed draft of your project. If the due date you have entered is when you need a final copy, please let us know at the beginning of the project and we will gladly schedule ourselves accordingly! Completion by your chosen deadline is also contingent on how quickly we get all required information from you and your team – the sooner we get everything, the faster you will have your completed work in hand!

How to Make the Most of Taskify Revisions

Taskify is built around ensuring we can provide the highest quality work on time and on budget for our clients. To help you get the most from your revisions and avoid delays please keep these points in mind:

  1. We are only as good as the Information we are given: Taskify will work with the information you have available and understands that sometimes original logos, color codes and other items may not be easily accessible. We will do our best with what you have, but the end results may be affected if certain items are missing.
  2. Project Managers have many talents, mind reading is not one of them: We too are disappointed by this, so we understand! Project Managers do their absolute best to ask for all necessary info including the personal preferences of a client. However, each project is unique so if there is something you think we should know that we have not asked for, we would love the extra input!
  3. Don’t wait to ask for changes: Though we are happy to continue making changes up through the third round of edits, it is in your best interest to get the major changes out of the way in the first round and leave the other two for minor tweaks.
  4. We will never be upset by too much info or too many questions: There is no such thing as too much info or a bad question on Taskify. Weird questions? Silly questions? Existential crisis questions about the nature of humanity? All questions are welcome! Your questions help ensure we know exactly what you’re looking for and how to provide it, so ask away!

This has been a PSA of the Taskify “We Wish We Were Mind Readers” Team

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