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So, what is a task on Taskify?

Taskify is designed to break down big projects into individual, manageable tasks and find the most qualified and talented individuals for the job. For a user, a task is pretty much any kind of work you would like to parcel out. This could be a blog or article, a short animation, a logo design, press release, a sketch of Dave Coulier dressed as a koala that you can hang on your bedroom wall. Normal stuff like that.

Many common tasks like an article (of 500 words or less) or a standard logo design have pre-designated prices. This makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to knock off some of the small to medium sized tasks on your list. No haggling on prices or unexpected costs to worry about.

How Do I Use Taskify?

A Step-By-Step Guide on How a Task Gets Done

Taskify is an intuitive and user-friendly system designed to make Tasks simpler and faster. Getting started requires little more than telling us about your Task and then approving a quote which will be prepared for you by your personal Project Manager. The system is designed to be used quickly and efficiently with your Project Manager acting as quality control and ensuring the right information is gathered.

For those who are new to the system, here is a step by step guide to what goes on when you submit a Task:

  1. Enter the type of Task you need (i.e. brand guide, print advertisement, logo design, etc.) you can give as much or as little detail as you want here. If we don’t have enough info, a Project Manager will ask you specific questions to get everything we need.
  2. Let us know a little bit about what you’re looking for including any examples you may have (don’t worry if you don’t have examples or are unsure of what you need, this is what we’re here for!)
  3. If there is enough info, your personal Project Manager will give you a quote in 48 hours or less
  4. If there is not enough info for a quote, your Project Manager will ask you targeted questions to get the details just right before providing a price.
  5. Once you have a quote, you will have the option to approve or deny the quote. There is no obligation if you deny the quote but, if there is something wrong with the price or any other factors, we encourage you to reach out to us and we will do our best to meet your Tasking needs.
  6. After you approve the quote, our team of professional, vetted freelancers will get started on your Task. Yay!
  7. Then, once we have your project complete, your Project Manager will act as quality control. We will look over the key elements of the project before sending it on its way to you.
  8. Finally, when your Project Manager is satisfied, you will have the chance to look over the project and request any revisions you need.
  9. Once you approve the revisions, we’ll deliver the final file in your preferred format and that’s it!  Your Project Manager oversees the timing of the project, asks for and gathers all key information, checks quality and other key elements so you never have to. It really is that easy!

Why Taskify?

Because we thought the name sounded cool.

Why think in tasks?

Every job you do today can be broken into tasks to get the job done. Taskify is built to service those task components of the job or project itself.

What Tasks can Taskify Do?

Quite frankly, almost too many to mention! If it can be done remotely from a computer, there’s a good chance we can make it happen. However, there are some large projects that may need to be broken up into smaller projects and, if they cannot be broken down (i.e. web development) then there is a chance we won’t be able to do them.

The best idea is to submit a Task and let a Project Manager guide you. We’ll either provide a price quote, ask for additional details or let you know if it’s not within our wheelhouse.

How Does a Task Get Handled?

Here’s where the Taskify task system really shines. When you submit a task request, a Project Manager will do the work of finding and hiring the best candidates for the job. Instead of putting writing tasks on a general assistant or hiring a marketing agency for an email campaign, you can now easily get expert quality work delivered to your inbox like magic. Submitting a task request is a lot like making a birthday wish while blowing out the candles except you really do get your Coulier Koala (a Koalier if you will) drawing instead of disappointment and a frosting-induced sugar crash.

How Much Detail Do You Need to Get a Quote?

Not much! Though the more info you submit, the faster and more accurate quote you will get, you do not need to provide your company’s life story in order to get us started.

For example, tell us you “need a brand guide refreshed,” “web content written,” or a “PowerPoint about your Arcade Fire cover band so good that your jerk of a brother will finally admit you’re the cool one.”

A Project Manager will receive your info and ask you targeted questions to find the perfect game plan for getting your Task done and provide a flat-fee price quote.

How Fast is Turnaround on a Task?

This will depend on several factors including how complicated the task is and the other parameters you have set for the work. However, no matter the specifics of the task, the Taskify team will respond within 48 hours (usually faster) and you can set the deadline for your task to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

Where Might I Submit My Tasks?

For those who want to try out a task, Taskify offers both a one-time project price and a subscription price for ongoing work. Get started here.

Is it really that easy?

So, you know how sometimes things are too good to be true? Well, sometimes they are and sometimes they’re Taskify. Taskify is designed to make getting things done easier and faster than ever before.

When you submit a Task request to us, our experienced Project Managers look over your requirements and either give you a quote directly or ask you targeted questions to ensure we have everything we need to get the project done right.

From that point, your Project Manager becomes your eyes and ears overseeing the quality and timing of the project. They will gather info from you as needed and then deliver the project to you for revisions and final approval. And, that’s it! Easy as pie … pie you hired someone else to bake!

Who is Doing My Task?

Good question! Taskify works with an experienced and skilled team of freelancers with proven track records and high client satisfaction. Each freelancer is chosen for their specific skills and their work is quality controlled by your Project Manager.

We only use the top 1% of talent on the global freelance market.

More importantly, the people doing your work are people just like the ones you would hire to work in your own office … only you didn’t have to go through a long, drawn out hiring process to find them and no has to sing them happy birthday in the breakroom! Everyone wins!

Do Freelancers Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes! Both freelancers and Project Managers sign an NDA. If you would like a freelancer or PM to sign your company’s NDA, just send it over and we will be happy to make that happen.

Why rate the Taskify Task Manager?

So that we can reward those who consistently deliver at the top level of their field.

Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the way your Task came out? While Taskify takes every measure possible to ensure your project is picture perfect, if something is out of focus, we want to know and make it right! Whenever a Task is not completed to your satisfaction, we offer a money back guarantee and a heartfelt hope you let us try again on your next Task.

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